Roka Ridge

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We breed AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks for conformation, health and temperament. We strive to improve our line, and contribute to carrying on this great breed for future generations. If you are looking for a strong, active, courageous, intelligent, protective, loving, and loyal companion, then this may be the dog for you.

18 thoughts on “Roka Ridge

  1. Hi there! We are interested in finding out if there may be a puppy to adopt mid May. We live here in Bend, Oregon and currently have a Jack Russell Terrier (9yrs) and lost our lab of 16 years in January:( Looking to add a new member to our family and have always loved Ridgebacks. I am an avid trail runner, hiker and outdoor person and hope to adopt a puppy that can be my companion. I have four kids, two in college but they are home for summer with much love and attention to give so hoping to adopt the end of May:) Please let me know if you may have a litter available. Interested in a female:, ridge is not important to us.. Thank you! Denise 541-306-0218
    I will fill out the Roka Ridge application at my office in the morning and email back:)

  2. Kathy and Roy are fantastic! We are very impressed, and pleased with our experience of obtaining a puppy from RoKa Ridge.

  3. I would love to see your puppies, if available I, anytime. Love this breed. Met someone on a trail today with 2 ridgebacks. She suggested I email you. Bbthank you. Gerrie Glossip. 949 306 3794

  4. Would like to purchase a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I have researched the Rhodesian ridge back for a couple years and was wondering if there’s one available. Please call me back at 808-282-2579

  5. I am very interested in getting a puppy, my hope is the Rhodesian Ridgeback. They love people animals and they are quite easy to train. I have always had dogs and cats. I don’t have the dog or cat now and truly miss one. My son and daughter-in-law live in bend Oregon and I will be moving here late August. Do you have any puppies that I can come visit and perhaps get get one. My phone number is 949-306-3794. Please email or phone when u can. I am visiting now in bend. Will be moving from Danville, Cal. I take my son’s dogs out everyday I am here for at least an hour. They love it and so do I

  6. We have a very loving & open home for a female puppy. We have a rescue male beagle mix that is 7 years old. A female tabby Gabby that is 6 years old. We feel we need an addition to our family & a female pup wld be a dream come true for us!!!

  7. We are also looking for a Rhodesian Ridgeback. We have had them in the past and love the breed. We live in Bend, Oregon where dogs can run off leash in most state parks. My husband loves to run and hike (he has run a 2:19 marathon)and is ready for another pup to go with him, probably not at that anymore. I also love to run and hike but at a much slower pace. Skip goes out every day and needs a buddy. I would take him (prefer male) for walks in the park in the afternoon. We would like to be put on the waiting list for the next litter, I’m assuming current pups are already taken.

  8. Hello my name is Trevin and I’m hoping to add a Rhodesian Ridgeback to my family sometime in the future. Fell in love with the breed when i met a pair of Ridgebacks that my sister’s friends owned. Spent the whole time hanging out and playing with the dogs while at the BBQ. I was extremely impressed with the dogs in every way. Beautiful, intelligent, athletic, and friendly. This was ten years ago and havent stopped thinking about those dogs. Always told myself if I was going to spend good money for a dog, that a Rhodesian Ridgeback would be the breed. Really wanted to contact you guys and get more information about the process.

  9. We are very interested in adding a new member into our family after loosing our loving Cami (of 10yrs) 18 months ago. She was a yellow lab. Hearing a lot of good things about this bread please let us know of any special needs/requirements they may need? What are the breeder requirements for dog/person selection?

  10. Well we are looking to expand our family! I am a true hound lover. I had a wonderful 130lb lean but huge Rhodesian named “William of Del Paseo Manor” but we called him “Bill”! He had a wonderful life for 14 years and when he left us, we went smaller to a Redbone Coonhound named Ida Mae. We lost Ida to coyotes many many years ago and went smaller in hounds to Mini Doxies! We currently have a chiweenie and are building a home on 6 acres in Applegate Valley. Knowing now that we will have property again we want another Rhodesian ridgeback! Wondering if you will have any available after the first of the year?

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